RSK – COP27: Let’s #ActOnESG

One year on from “the most critical climate conference yet”, there is a need for inclusive action to tackle the climate crisis and a just transition for emerging economies across the globe. And COP27 aims to achieve just that.

While governments and business leaders are getting ready to agree on the actions they will take to reach this point, what are experts across industries hoping will come from these discussions?

On 2 November, we’ll be bringing thought leaders from the renewable energy, water, climate finance and Middle Eastern climate arenas together to discuss their expectations of COP27 and what we need to do to tackle some of the greatest challenges societies have ever faced.

Come along to our digital event on 2 November 2022 to join the discussion and work out how we can #ActOnESG.

Event Schedule

  • Renewables in Africa

    From 2019 to 2020, solar and wind energy capacity across Africa increased by 13% and 11% respectively, while hydropower climbed by 25%. How are nations across Africa tapping into the renewable energy opportunity, and what lies ahead for the continent and its people?


    Chair: Margaret Mutschler, Partner, Mutschler Consulting Services

    Lucy Thomas, Chief Scientist, RSK Group

    Edward Ishengoma, Commissioner for Electricity and Renewable Energy, Tanzania

    Laura E. Williamson, Director, Membership and Institutional Partnerships, REN21

    Jacopo Pendezza, Project Developer, RP Global

  • The global water challenge

    Water is the single most important natural resource, yet billions of people across the world do not have access to a safe, clean water supply, and 29% of the world’s population live in areas that are predicted to experience some level of inundation during a 1-in-100 year flood event. What does the global water crisis look like from region to region, and what must be done to tackle it?


    Chair: Alison Wedgwood, Chief Executive Officer, eWATERservices

    Mark Smith, Business Development Director, Water, RSK Group

    Michel Davitt, Director of International Development, Nicholas O’Dwyer

    Dr. Farah Ahmed, Research Fellow, NYU Abu Dhabi Water Research Center

    Jusper Ronoh, Research and Development Consultant: Climate Action, Geospatial Research International (GRI)

  • Climate finance

    Climate finance is top of the agenda at COP27, with calls on developed nations to honour pledges made to countries facing some of the most damaging climate impacts. How can these impacts be tackled in a fair and equitable way, and what must happen at this year’s conference to ensure this is delivered?


    Chair: Prof. Ian Thomson, Professor of Accounting and Sustainability, Birmingham Business School

    Dr. Robert Charnock, Director, Metis Institute for Climate Strategy

    Claire Elsdon, Global Director, Capital Markets, CDP

    Dr. Yvonne Maingey-Muriuki, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CaelKlima

    Ornsaran Pomme Manuamorn, Climate Change and Sustainable Finance Expert

  • The road to the UAE

    As governments and business leaders meet in Sharm El-Sheikh, we must consider how momentum will be sustained on the route to COP28 in UAE. We are bringing experts from UAE and the Middle East together to discuss how the region is stepping up to the helm of climate action, and how this contributes to global efforts.


    Chair: Walid Al Saqqaf, CEO and Co-Founder, Rebalance Earth

    Cyndi Teulon, Environmental Advisor, RSK Middle East

    Antonios Vouloudis, Director of Sustainability and Stewardship, NYU Abu Dhabi

    Abdul Rahman Al Yahyaei, Chief Executive Officer, Oman Society for Petroleum Services (OPAL)

    Dr. Tom Headley, Senior Technical Advisor- Nature-Based Solutions, BAUER Resources

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