Welcome to RSK live from COP26

Greening the Blue Chips

Welcome to our event from the most critical climate conference yet. This all-day sustainability event was NOT your typical environmental, social and governance (ESG) seminar. We brought business leaders from across multiple sectors together to work out how we could “finalise the Paris rulebook” and cut emissions in line with 1.5°C while protecting and restoring the natural resources on which humanity, and businesses, depend.


Even though the event is over, you can still catch up by checking out the livestream of the event. You can also look back at the reports, insights and webinars that we have released as part of our #GreenDialogues series – all right here on this page.


We need to work harder to tackle the climate crisis and restore and protect our vital natural resources, so we are delighted to welcome you to this important and solutions-focused conversation.

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  • Jordi Bruno

    Back in. Barcelona, I have the feeling that this was a (rest of my) life changing event. Thanks everybody.

    Posted at: 07:34

  • Joanna Hitchen

    Interested in learning more

    Posted at: 13:22

  • BG

    Well done RSK. A fantastic day as always.

    Posted at: 17:05

  • Nigel Board

    Superb event, inspiring, thought provoking, well done and thank you all for making this happen

    Posted at: 16:32

  • Claire Petricca-Riding

    This day has been so interesting and valuable. It has given great insight across the board and has certainly provided lots to consider. Thank you for a fabulous event!

    Posted at: 16:25

  • Elaine

    Lots of food for thought…shaping strategy models that empower and connect businesses is vital in our gradual shift into a sustainable business ecosystem.

    Posted at: 15:56

  • TJ

    Good point on the role of national parks and carbon credits. There’s a major positive role they can play.

    Posted at: 14:28

  • Angela W.

    @Frankie Philips excellent speech. Would be interesting to examine how well high end fashion houses score on sustainability since they have a close working relationship with their supply chains.

    Posted at: 13:39

  • bg

    Very interesting presentations and conversations so far. I’m wondering why The terms man and mankind have crept into some of the presentations and conversations. I also don’t think comparing one country’s water usage with another is helpful given The scale of the technical challenges the world faces to mitigate and reverse the impacts of climate change.

    Posted at: 12:49

  • Fiona S.

    Truly eye-opening discussions in this panel! Textile production contributes more to climate change than international aviation and shipping combined so it’s great to hear about some solutions.

    Posted at: 12:27

  • Sue Sljivic

    Well done looking forward to the next panel discussions

    Posted at: 11:34

  • Jacob Clarkson

    Great to see a well-researched shift to a more sustainable economy. Investing energy and money in transforming existing and new infrastructure on a global scale is our ticket to a future that provides a good quality of life for everyone.

    Posted at: 11:17

  • Maya Fairbender

    Thank you for the insightful talk. Golf courses have long been criticised by environmentalists. So maybe the golfing sector and ecologists should join forces and enhance biodiversity in ecologically simplified landscapes.

    Posted at: 11:05

  • Dan Kiso

    I would like to join the discussion
    RSK Reply: You can join and ask questions on Slido

    Posted at: 10:55

  • Jane Smith-Brown

    Looking forward to discussing how we could protect our future. The UK was the first country to produce a national biodiversity action plan in 1994. Are our goals still aligned with the UK biodiversity action plan?

    Posted at: 10:41

  • Claire Joanne Petricca-Riding

    It has been an interesting cop for all those matters which haven’t been included!

    Posted at: 10:24

  • Elizabeth Howell

    Delighted to see the involvement of inspiring young influencers speaking at Cop 26 for the future of our planet

    Posted at: 10:21

  • Raymond Beeney

    Power stations generate electricity but enormous amount of heat needs to be discarded into the air or water which is so wastfull. Can the waste heat be used somehow?

    Posted at: 10:02

  • RSK Group

    Good morning everyone! Welcome to our livestream from day 11 of COP26. Thank you for tuning in, we hope you enjoy the discussions and talks which start at 10am. To join the conversation, please add your comment below the video. If you have a question for our speakers, please head to Slido.

    Posted at: 08:40

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Event schedule and speakers

  • Session one

    Beyond net zero? The scale of change facing business

    Welcome and introduction with RSK Founder and CEO, Alan Ryder and host for the event, broadcaster Caroline Frost.

    The FTSE Environment Report Card, presented by Dr Stephanie Wray, Managing Director, Nature Positive. Watch it again here.

    Industry viewpoint, presented by Jo Gilroy, Group Head of Sustainability & Environment, Kier. Watch it again here.

    Investor viewpoint, presented by Adam Heltzer, Head of ESG, Ares Management Corporation. Watch it again here.

  • Session two

    How can businesses across varied sectors respond to the latest climate science and lead the UK’s transition to net zero?

    Join our expert panel as they share their perspectives and the actions they are taking to respond to the latest client science and wider sustainability challenges.

    Listen to the experts, including:

    → Ian McAulay, CEO, Southern Water.

    → Frankie Phillips, Founder, The Rubbish Fashion Company and TOBEFRANK

    → Dr Julia Baker, Biodiversity Technical Specialist, Balfour Beatty

    → Ian Heasman, Director of Sustainability, Taylor Wimpey

    → Anna Cameron, Head of Legal & ESG, Ventient Energy

  • Session three

    Film premiere: How to deliver on COP commitments: Gearing up governments, businesses and people to work with nature

    The premiere of a short documentary film examining climate and environmental challenges and their solutions.

    Following the film screening, we sat down to hear more about the opportunities ahead from some of those integral to its creation:

    → Justin Davey, filmmaker

    → Natasha Warren, presenter and writer

    → Topher White, Founder of Rainforest Connection

    → Dr Emily Taylor, General Manager at the Crichton Carbon Centre.

  • Session four

    The way forward

    The art and science of transformational change, presented by Prof. Patricia Rogers, Consultant and visiting professor, University of Witswatersrand, South Africa. Watch it again here.

    Working with complexity: Applying the SDGs to business, presented by Prof. Ian Thomson, Professor of Accounting and Sustainability, Birmingham Business School, UK. Watch it again here.

    Changing behaviour to make change stick, Luke Ravenscroft, Director, The Behavioural Insights Team. Watch it again here.

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