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Remotely possible: The advantages of automated monitoring during the coronavirus pandemic

Business development
May 01, 2020

As a constantly evolving organisation RSK recognises the importance of continuous improvement and innovation in all that we do. We are always looking to innovate and apply new technologies and approaches to meet our clients’ challenges and drive efficiency. The situation regarding coronavirus only makes us more determined to adapt and to find a solution to our client’s problems.

Fostering innovation

Business development
January 17, 2020

Whether it is a novel way to identify invasive species or a project that has led to a change in business practice, it has always been RSK’s philosophy to back any employee who has an idea that may lead to an innovation. Anyone who has an idea for how we can do things better should be able to get the appropriate support and the resources to test these ideas.

RSK recharges its batteries

December 20, 2019

RSK is replacing its lead-acid batteries with modern, lithium-ion batteries across its portfolio of real-time noise, vibration and air quality monitoring systems. This will bring significant environmental advantages and many client benefits.

Rebuilding confidence in innovative technologies

July 08, 2019

Building magazine, a construction industry publication, has published an interview with George Tuckwell, RSK geosciences and engineering divisional director. George details the strong resistance he witnessed to innovative technology because it was dismissed as expensive and high risk. But, he says, with the right funding, collaborations and client engagement, cutting-edge solutions can be brought to market.

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