Category: Climate Change and Sustainability

Love is in the air: How environmental monitoring can improve health and well-being in buildings

Health and Safety
July 13, 2020

Air quality may have improved while people have stayed at home, walked more and travelled less during the coronavirus pandemic, but, as the world gets ready to restart, harmful levels of pollution in our towns and cities will begin to rise again. But have you ever thought about how this air can permeate through to the indoor environment and affect the health and well-being of those inside?

Biodiversity offsetting: The model of the future

April 22, 2020

RSK’s International Projects Group (IPG) has developed an innovative biodiversity offset accounting model that considers project impacts against conservation actions and the extent to which these actions offset any impacts. As the results are presented on a numerical scale, they are easy to interpret and compare. RSK has already applied this model to one project and is about to use it on a second.

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