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In 1989, RSK’s founding members began their entrepreneurial journey; over 30 years later, and with more than 8,000 staff, we are continuing to evolve and grow.

Guided by our nine principles, and with a commitment to health and safety, RSK provides end-to-end, bespoke solutions to a vast array of challenges. We strive to be a world leader in the field of environmental science, research, engineering and technical services.

Our 9 Guiding Principles


Hiring, retaining and rewarding talented and dedicated people

RSK is a business built on exceptional talent, and continued success relies on a motivated, ambitious and enthusiastic workforce where people feel their contribution is valued and rewarded. Our commitments to employee wellbeing, flexible working and advancement opportunities have led to turnover rates below industry average.

We look for talented and dedicated people starting with graduates to truly build our business from the bottom up, while our growth share scheme aims to reward our long-serving staff members.


Building enduring client relationships

RSK has more than 7000 clients. We are a fast-growing company, but we work hard to maintain the personal service that we started with. Our first client in 1989 was Shell, and there has not been a day in our 30 years of business that we have not worked for Shell somewhere in the world.

Our diverse client base operates in rapidly evolving industrial and commercial sectors, including energy generation, distribution and storage, infrastructure, residential, mining, construction, manufacturing, transport, and food and farming. Many of the world’s best-known names, from integrated energy companies to multinational manufacturers, rely on the expertise and commitment of our professionals. They often face intense scrutiny from regulatory bodies and other stakeholders, so we work with them to ensure that their projects are conducted to the highest ethical and environmental standards.


Encouraging continuous improvement and innovation

As a constantly evolving organisation we recognise the importance of continuous improvement and innovation in all that we do. We maintain a number of accreditations, certifications and memberships including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 for quality, environmental, and occupational health and safety management.

We are always looking to innovate and apply new technologies and approaches to meet our clients’ challenges and drive efficiency. As part of this ongoing effort, RSK has introduced the Innovation Awards programme to celebrate and reward individuals within the business. From IT systems that have revolutionised Network Rail’s safety record to enabling spare gas to power Iraq, our Innovation Awards celebrate the innovative thinking that goes on in RSK every day.


Promoting a learning culture in a positive working environment

We are committed to doing our best, but we can always do better. This is why RSK creates a supportive learning environment for all our employees, so that they can maximise their potential for self-improvement and career advancement. As a company with diverse operations, we offer a considerable amount of on-the-job learning opportunities across sectors. Additionally, we offer a wide range of internal and external training opportunities.


Making strategic investments for sustainable growth

RSK is one of the fastest-growing businesses of its kind. We have a strong track record of acquiring businesses that help expand our breadth of services, geographical reach and client base. We are also supporting organic growth with investment in technology, equipment and infrastructure. For example, we have invested £400,000 in a new and highly sophisticated glasshouse at our ADAS crop research facility. The state-of-the-art facilities will allow us to deliver long-term research projects to our global agricultural clients.


Committed to strong, predictable financial performance

RSK is an employee owned business and committed to delivering its financial targets and demonstrating robust financial management systems that give our stakeholders confidence. Our growth strategy is focused on diversification of our services, our customers, the sectors we serve and our geographical reach. Through this diversification, we are best equipped to continue delivering the strong financial performance expected of us.


Maintaining an unwavering commitment to health and safety

Health and safety is our top priority. Whether in one of our offices, on a worksite or anywhere else, the safety of our staff and everyone touched by our work in is of the upmost importance. Our safety, health, environment and quality management system (SHEQMS) governs RSK core processes and empowers all employees to take responsibility for their own health and safety and those of others around them at work. Likewise, every employee is authorised to stop work at any time if they feel unsafe.


Promoting the concept of sustainability in all that we do

As an environmental business, everything we do is rooted in sustainability. We fully support the Paris Agreement on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals recognised by the United Nations. These fundamental drivers inform how we operate our business and how we support our clients. To demonstrate the steps that we are taking within our business, RSK publishes an annual corporate responsibility and sustainability report and a sustainability route map, which demonstrate our longer term goals.


Encouraging staff consultation and clear communication

As a rapidly growing business built by our staff, our ability to keep everyone in the group informed is very important. RSK is committed to open and clear communication at all levels and has several initiatives in place to ensure we achieve this. We know that RSK succeeds through cooperation because collectively we are greater than the sum of our parts. To foster this interconnectivity, we encourage a culture in which all our people feel empowered to reach out to their colleagues, no matter where they are in our organisation.

“To provide outstanding services from an excellent working environment by being well-motivated, ambitious and enthusiastic professionals. ”

Alan Ryder, CEO
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😮 80% of all brownfield development sites in the UK are impacted with asbestos in the soil or made ground at some level.

📌Join us on this webinar that will outline some of the major issues involved in the control of asbestos in made ground in site development, the potential impacts on options appraisal and techniques that can be used to minimise issues arising from these.

𝗦𝗽𝗲𝗮𝗸𝗲𝗿: Toby Gibbons, Operations Director of RSK Asbestos
𝗠𝗼𝗱𝗲𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗼𝗿: Melissa Fox, Managing Director of RSK Asbestos

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🍃 To respond to the ongoing climate crisis, we need more renewable energy.

🌎 Recent global events have further highlighted the urgency of a smoother transition to net zero.

✔️ In this edition of our series Climate Realities, RSK Renewable Energy Director Mike Kelly explores the opportunity for offshore wind to contribute significantly to the UK’s response to the climate crisis and national energy demand.

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RSK Staff had an amazing time attending the Tameside Careers and Apprenticeship Exhibition!

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🌳 How can businesses improve their relationship with nature?

📌 Join Dr Rossa Donovan, Technical Director at Nature Positive, on a webinar that will explore how well the business community understands its dependencies and impacts on nature and how that translates into corporate strategies.

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