Thomas Bennie: A day in the life

Health, Safety and Wellbeing August 31, 2021

Many people have hobbies, but not everyone manages to incorporate their passion into their job!

South Africa-based RSK employee Thomas Bennie does exactly that, and he has made a big success of combining his love for photography with his role at RSK.

Thomas Bennie

“My role sees me managing equipment stores, handling all the equipment needs and conducting site work to obtain soil, groundwater or other types of sample for petroleum contamination assessments,” says Thomas, who is based in Johannesburg.

“I studied environmental management at university in Cape Town before going on to work for the last six months of my qualification to get some inside experience. From then, the rest is history, as I have been working in this field now for five years!

“At the moment I am part of the RGM environmental team (jointly owned by RSK, GCS and Mamadi Associates) that was incorporated in October 2020 for the SHELL GESS work, and it is a very, very busy profession – so much so that I need to make sure I find time to do my timesheets!”

Thomas explains: “The best part of my job is travelling to sites located around the country, so luckily, as I am a landscape photographer on the side, I get to see beauty from the drives we do and sometimes I can step out of the vehicle to take some shots or do some sightseeing, as we did in Cape Town a month ago.

“This week will see me taking a very scenic drive through the areas of Magoebaskloof, Graskop where the Three Rondavels are (three mountains that look like traditional round African huts), Tzaneen, etc., and this is quite close to the well-known Kruger National Park.

“Some of my best images are from the work trips I have made in the past five to seven years,” he admits. “In high school, I used to get lost in the world of 500px, Panoramio (now discontinued), Flickr, Pinterest and other platforms where I could search for landscape images to use as desktop backgrounds.

“This is how I realised I should study something related to saving these places and I should also capture them for current and future times.

“From September 2018 to June 2020, I backpacked through South Africa working in hostels while capturing images in my spare time to build my portfolio. This became the best two years of my life – that is an article for another day!” he laughs.

“I love to fit my passion for photography around the work I do.”

And where does Thomas see photography fitting into his future?

“I definitely see a major print shop, with my images being printed out for offices around the world, especially for receptions and boardrooms, to enable people to #TravelSafeWithThomas virtually,” he said.

“I would certainly like to start off with RSK as a platform to give my images exposure on a global scale, showing the people in RSK’s offices scenes from South Africa through my eyes!”

Do you have a hobby you have managed to incorporate into your work at RSK? We would love to hear from you and shine a light on the great work our employees are doing across the company.

Check out some of Thomas’ images in the gallery below.