Men’s Health Week: Why we should all take on the CAN DO challenge

Health, Safety and Wellbeing June 14, 2021

Today marks the start of Men’s Health Week (14–21 June) and this year’s theme is ‘we can do it’, focusing on men, mental health and the impact of COVID-19. At RSK, we are marking the campaign by supporting the Men’s Health Forum and encouraging our colleagues to take part in the CAN DO challenge – and it is not just for men!

“There are five days of the week and five ways to well-being,” explains the Men’s Health Forum website. “Can you see where we’re going with this? The five ways to well-being are five things we can all do that are scientifically proven to help us feel better. For the CAN DO Challenge, we’re calling on everyone to choose a different way to well-being to try each day of Men’s Health Week.”

The Men’s Health Forum defines the five ways to well-being as:

  • Connect – connect with other people
  • (be) Active – move your body
  • Notice – take notice of the environment around you
  • Discover – learn something new
  • Offer (or give) – do something for someone else.

 We can do it

So, starting today, set aside some time this week to focus on your well-being. On Monday, take some time to connect with others, such as by calling an old friend you haven’t seen since before lockdown, making the effort to talk to someone new or calling someone rather than sending an email.

Tomorrow, turn your attention to your physical well-being by getting out for a short run or walk. You could even do simple things such as taking the stairs instead of the lift or parking further away from your destination to get some extra steps in!

On Wednesday, it’s time to notice the world around you without all the usual distractions, so try turning off your phone for an hour, spending some time in nature or visiting somewhere new.

Thursday asks us to set aside some time to learn something new, so why not pick up a new hobby or just start that book you haven’t had the chance to delve into yet?

And finally, finish off the week by offering to help others. This could be as simple as doing a favour for your friends or family or even volunteering for a local charity.

Although individually these things may seem small, an accumulation of positive actions can have a significant impact on your overall well-being. Often, it is the little things that can make the biggest difference.

So, will you take on the challenge?

If you need some more inspiration, more ideas are available on the Men’s Health Forum website.