Turning out the lights: Why RSK is supporting Earth Hour

Climate Change and Sustainability March 24, 2021

On Saturday, 27 March, millions of people across the world will switch off their lights for an hour at 20:30 in their local time zone, turning entire streets, buildings and city skylines dark. Known as Earth Hour, it is a global movement to raise awareness of the climate crisis and the need for urgent environmental change. It takes place on the last Saturday of March each year.

“Started by WWF and partners as a symbolic lights-out event in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour is now one of the world’s largest grassroots movements for the environment,” explains the Earth Hour website. “Held every year on the last Saturday of March, Earth Hour engages millions of people in more than 180 countries and territories, switching off their lights to show support for our planet.

“But Earth Hour goes far beyond the symbolic action of switching off – it has become a catalyst for positive environmental impact, driving major legislative changes by harnessing the power of the people and collective action. Earth Hour is open-source and we welcome everyone, anyone, to take part and help amplify our mission to unite people to protect our planet.”

‘Promoting the concept of sustainability in all that we do’ is one of RSK’s guiding principles. We have recently taken the next step in our commitment to sustainability by signing the Pledge to Net Zero: an initiative that commits organisations from the environmental sector to a leadership role in the transition towards a net-zero-carbon economy. It supports the UK government’s ambition to bring greenhouse-gas emissions to net zero by 2050 and is demonstrative of RSK’s dedication to doing the right thing by developing science-based targets to measure, report and monitor our carbon footprint.

We, at RSK, focus on the environment and we hope to be at the forefront of protecting and conserving the planet on which we live, for future generations. Although switching off your lights for an hour may seem trivial, an accumulation of small actions from individuals, organisations, communities and populations can lead to significant results. If Earth Hour can change the perspective and behaviour of just one person, it will be a success.

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) is on the horizon and as we have recently signed the Pledge to Net Zero, Earth Hour is another great way for our employees across the business to get involved with the key messages of the pledge and to show their support for environmental change, wherever they are in the world.

What will you be doing at 20:30 on 27 March 2021?

It is easy to get involved:

For more information, please visit the Earth Hour website.