Innovation and intelligent information: An insight into Cognica

Property and Construction November 25, 2020

Cognica, a leading provider of intelligent information management solutions and services to the construction and estate management markets, joined the RSK group in August 2020.

“We are very excited about being part of the RSK group and are looking at the opportunities we can bring to the group, and that the group can bring to us,” said Cognica Managing Director Gareth Jenkins. “As a business, we started out as a joint venture between WRc and Severn Trent Water looking after the operation and maintenance manuals for their water and wastewater treatment facilities. Since then, we have diversified our customer and industry base. We continue work in the utilities industry, but also in manufacturing, construction and education.”

Cognica offers a full information life-cycle management and consultancy service across multiple sectors, including utilities, construction, healthcare and education. The business partners with construction and estate management customers to satisfy their information needs and support the evolution of their information repositories into the digital era. Cognica’s solutions provide information for the operation and maintenance of estates, including asset maintenance, planned and preventive maintenance, operation and maintenance manuals, building information models, fire safety, document management systems and digital twins. The business offers clients the capability to streamline their processes and integrate systems, thereby enabling simpler and more efficient collaboration and management of information.

What Cognica offers

  • Understanding
  • Document management systems
  • Operations and maintenance management
  • Regulation 38 (fire safety)
  • Digital twins
  • Capabilities
  • Benefits.

What Cognica supports

  • Document reviews
  • Operation and maintenance structures
  • Legacy
  • Live documentation
  • Gap analysis
  • Compliance
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Regulation 38
  • Digitising estates
  • Digital twins of estates
  • Linking documents
  • Systems integration
  • Multiple systems integration
  • User interface simplification.

As experts in document collection (chasing supply chains, collecting operating and management information), creation (using in-house technical authors to put documents together) and collation (bringing it all together into a working operation and maintenance manual), the team focuses on making manuals usable and accessible for its clients.

For example, with industry increasingly moving into a digital era of online management, Cognica has developed innovative 3D visual portal technology, which uses 360-degree building scans to create digital twins of estates. This enables clients to navigate digitally around a facility through a live database and access documents easily from the document management system.    

Key contacts

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