Keeping our offices safe and secure

Health, Safety and Wellbeing July 28, 2020

While we are still encouraging our employees to work from home if they can and minimise the use of offices and transport, we recognise that, as more restrictions begin to lift, more employees may be unable to work from home and may need to visit our offices more frequently. To ensure that our premises are safe for RSK staff and visitors, the necessary precautions must be taken. RSK Response is decontaminating and protecting our offices as they gradually reopen for staff.

Throughout the pandemic, we have had additional measure in place in our offices and laboratories and on-site to help protect those who cannot work from home. We strive always to do the right thing – for our employees, for our clients, for the environment and for society – and we have applied this fundamental principle to all decisions relating to our coronavirus response. Having the specialist skills and experience necessary to help combat the COVID-19 threat, we have also responded to clients’ requests for professional decontamination of their offices, facilities, worksites and equipment; the treatment of our own premises has been no different.

“To ensure that we look after the health and safety of our employees and any visitors to our premises, we are carrying out coronavirus decontamination and protection services above the industry standard in our offices,” explains RSK Director Erika Taylor.

“First, we go through the offices and disinfect all the major touch points such as desks, chair armrests, workstations, phones, door handles, printers, kitchens, toilets and other communal areas,” says Erika. “We then revisit all touch points with our specialist protection products using wipes, foggers and specialised electrostatic backpack dispensers containing our sanitising spray.”

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Unlike conventional deep-cleaning practices, RSK’s coronavirus decontamination and protection service utilises novel sanitising products that not only destroy pathogens on contact, but also protect surfaces from coronavirus for up to 30 days after treatment. Our specialist teams, by combining their understanding of viral decontamination with the latest disinfectant technology, can provide full decontamination and future protection against coronavirus in virtually any setting.

“All materials and personal protective equipment used during decontamination are removed from sites and disposed of in accordance with current government guidelines,” says Erika. “Our offices are ready to welcome back RSK employees safely when they cannot work from home.”

If your office, facility, worksite, vehicles, plant or equipment require decontamination or sanitisation over and above usual cleaning practices, RSK Response can provide a professional decontamination service offering lasting protection for up to 30 days throughout the UK and Ireland.

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