Seeing the bigger picture

Professional Services November 25, 2019

RSK Director of Direct Sales Kyla Smith has been published in the Institute of Sales Management (ISM)’s magazine, Winning Edge. Issue 4 features Kyla’s thoughts on how sales teams can adapt to rapid company expansion.

“As a sales professional, it is crucial to understand your business and the products and services it provides,” Kyla begins. “When you are part of a rapidly expanding business with an ever-increasing breadth and depth of offerings, your ability to adapt, learn and be flexible is vital… With any company expansion, seeing the bigger picture is key.” With 28 businesses acquired since 2016 (at time of publishing), RSK’s sales team is used to being adaptable and has created a process to make new businesses’ transitions into RSK as smooth as possible.

“One of the biggest challenges we face is finding an effective way of learning about the new services in a short space of time. We find it helpful to invite the new companies to give presentations on the services they offer. Investing in internal resources that spread awareness has also worked well. We’ve developed a variety of tools to complement our vast internal network, including an internal company app. Having a searchable platform that identifies our full range of in-house services and contacts has been a quick and easy way to view the variety of new services we can offer to clients”, Kyla explains.

And it’s not just techniques and tools that have needed to change; the sales team structure has also needed updating to reflect the modern evolving business: “With more teams to support and an expanding number of services to consider, implementing an effective strategy has been key. The sales team’s operations focus on sectors and markets rather than individual services, but as we’ve grown, we’ve also found it useful to have dedicated sales personnel who can look at specific initiatives for our companies and divisions that need extra sales support. This reorganisation, albeit only slight, has helped when bringing new companies aboard, ensuring we have enough personnel to meet the increasing demand for support. Since then, we’ve also put in place sales staff who focus on wider areas, such as international and European sales, and the team is continuing to grow.”

With more acquisitions on the cards, the sales team will have a challenging time ahead, but, with the correct preparation and forward-planning, and an adaptable way of thinking, they seem ready to meet these challenges head-on. Members can read the article in full in issue 4, 2019 of the Winning Edge magazine (p.18).