Sustainability at the heart of rail enhancement

Transport July 19, 2019

RSK principal environment manager Kim Olliver has featured in Rail Professional magazine giving an insight into RSK’s sustainability work on rail enhancement projects.

“With a strong team of rail sustainability professionals throughout the UK, RSK has worked on a wide range of major rail enhancement projects including some of the largest construction projects in the country,” Kim begins. “In fact, the team has been involved in nine major rail enhancement projects since 2012.”

Throughout the article, Kim details two projects: the Crossrail Old Oak Common to Paddington Approaches (OOCPA) and the West Inner Track Infrastructure (WITI) 2013–2018, and the West Outer Track Intersection (WOTI) and the West Outer Electrification (WOE) 2014–2018.

For the OOCPA and WITI project, RSK seconded two full-time sustainability managers to both sections. Services provided by RSK included environmental consents, environmental management plans, contamination testing, ecology surveys, flood risk assessments, dust monitoring, noise and vibration services and archaeology and heritage services. RSK project achievements included helping the scheme attain a CEEQUAL rating of Excellent and ensuring that consultation with key statutory consultees happened, which was crucial to ensuring the efficient running of the project.

For the WOTI and WOE project, which was part of the wider Crossrail project aiming to improve the east-west connectivity through London, two full-time RSK employees were seconded to each project. RSK provided a similar range of sustainability services as for the OOCPA and WITI project, including environmental consents and completing CEEQUAL assessments. Once again, the project achieved an impressive Excellent rating.

You can read the article in full at (pp.69–71).