Alan talks acquisitions

Business Development June 16, 2019

The mergers and acquisitions intelligence, data and research media company, Mergermarket, has published an interview with RSK chief executive officer Alan Ryder about RSK’s acquisition and expansion plans.

Alan told the publication that RSK “expects to make another 10–15 investments this year”. This follows our recent bout of acquisitions, three to date in FY19-20 and a total of 12 in FY18-19.

“The bolt-ons [new acquisitions] should help [RSK] add skills and technologies to its offering, as well as expand its customer base and geographic footprint,” Alan continues. “The acquisitions are an important part of RSK’s strategy to provide clients an ‘end-to-end’ offering: from putting boots on the ground and providing the necessary equipment to giving advice on what to do and acting on its plans.”

The article also discusses what RSK looks for in a potential acquisition target. This includes the number of employees, its turnover and earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation, the diversity of the customer base, the owner’s plan for the business and its geographical location.